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208-255K-EHV three phase solar inverter

three phase inverters convert dc power from the photovoltaic(PV) array into alternating current(AC) power that can satisfy local loads as well as feed the power distribution grid.

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    1-2 weeks
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    T/T , L/C
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208-255K-EHV three phase solar inverter

255kW three phase series string inverter have maximum 28 strings input, support "Y" type connection in dc side. maximum string input current 15 A, support bifacial modules access.Supports anti-PID function to improve system eff iciency. High-precision intelligent strings monitoring reduces fault location time.

product Information:

model name SKE-208K-EHV SKE-255K-EHV s KE-255K-EHV-5G
input dc
Max. input voltage 1500V
rated voltage 1080V
Start-up voltage 600V
MPPT voltage range 580-1500V
Max. input current 9*30A 12*30 a
14*26 a
Max. short circuit current 9*50A 12*50A
MPPT number/Max. input strings number 9/18 12/24 14/28
output ac
rated output power

208kVA@30°/ 200kVA@40°/








rated grid voltage

3/PE, 800V

grid voltage range


rated grid frequency


Max. output current 150.1A 184.0A 184.0A
power factor >0.99 (0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging)
THDi <3%

Max. efficiency 99.0%
eu efficiency 98.8% 98.7%

dc reverse-polarity protection yes
short circuit protection yes
output over current protection yes
surge protection

dc type ii / ac type ii

grid monitoring yes
Anti-islanding protection yes
temperature protection yes

strings monitoring


I/V curve scanning


night time SVG function


Anti-PID function

integrated dc switch yes
general data
dimensions (W'H'D)

1125*770*384 mm

weight 113kg
topology Transformerless
Seif consumption <2W (night)
operating ambient temperature range -25~+60°C
relative humidity 0-100%
ingress protection IP66
cooling concept

intelligent redundant fan-cooling

Max. operation altitude 4000m
grid connection standard

EN50549, G99, AS4777.2, VDE0126-1-1, IEC 61727, VDE4105, CEA 2019

Safety/EMC standard


dc connection MC4 connector
ac connection

OT terminal (max. 300 mm²)

display lcd

RS485, Optional: PLC

product Features:


-----9/12/14 MPPTs, max. efficiency 99%

-----200% DC/AC ratio

-----High power tracking density 60MPPT/MW

-----Compatible with bifacial modules



-----Built-in pid recovery for better module performance

-----Fuse free design, safe and maintenance free

-----Globally recognised branded component for longer life


-----Night SVG function

-----Intelligent string monitoring. smart I-Vcurve scan

-----Remote firmware upgrade with simpleoperation


-----Power line communication (PLC) (optional)

-----DC side supports two sinks and one access

-----Supports aluminium wire access to reduce cost

-----Reserve dc energy storage access

on grid solar inverterproduction process:

application Scenario:

6kw Grid Tie Inverter

company Profile:

SUNKEAN is a fast-growing solar company ,as well as a turnkey solution provider in China. products cover solar inverter , three phase solar inverter, 255kw grid tie inverter , PV connectors, three phase PV grid tie Inverter, on grid solar inverter etc solar products .

SUNKEAN is committed to providing the best solutions for users, installers, investors and all stakeholders. We always take the responsibility on customer’s demands. We make our effort for innovations and breakthroughs.

If you are an end users , we can offer more detail information to you.Please, if you have any questions or concerns about shipping time and delivery, you can ask our professional products consultant.

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